Iron Oxide Brown

Variety: Iron oxide brown 545, 565, 842, 841

Characteristics: Brown powder, a kind of alkaline oxide with relatively stable chemical property, not soluble in alkalis, slightly dissolved in acids, completely dissolved in thick hydrochloric acid without any reaction with water.

Uses: Mainly in coating, paint, also as coloring agent for building material, rubber, PVC plastic etc.


Technical Index

Shade Similar Note:Compared with standard sample
Tinting strength % 100+/-5 Note:Compared with standard sample
Oil absorption % 25-35  
Moisture % max.1  
Fineness(residue through 320mesh) % max.0.5  
PH value 3.5-7  
Water soluble matter % max.0.5  
Fe2O3 content % min.85  


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