Iron Oxide Yellow HB313


Formula: Fe2O3H2O

Characteristics: Yellow powder, a kind of alkaline oxide with comparatively stable chemical property, molysite can be formed when iron oxide yellow 313S reacts with acids, slightly soluble in acids, completely dissolved in thick hydrochloric acid without reaction with water.

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Uses: In coating, printing ink, paint, also as coloring agent for building material, rubber, paper-making etc.


Technical Index

Shade Similar Note:Compared with standard sample
Tinting strength % 100+/-5 Note:Compared with standard sample
Oil absorption % 25-35  
Moisture % max.1  
Fineness(residue through 320mesh) % max.0.3  
PH value 3.5-7  
Water soluble matter % max.0.3  
Fe2O3 content % min.86  


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