Chrome Oxide Green BG5100

Characteristics: Green crystal powder. This is a kind of modified product, yellowish green, bright color, good dispersion, high stability, sunlight fastness, unaffected by acids and alkalis. It is a kind of high class pigment with excellent pigment property.

Uses: In high class sunlight fastness paints and coatings, decoration spraying and coating, also coloring of high grade building material.

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Technical Index

Color/Appearance Green
Tinting strength % 100+/-5 Note:Compared with standard sample
Oil absorption % 15  
Fineness(residue through 600mesh) % max.0.1  
Water soluble matter % max.0.3  
Moisture % max.0.2  
Cr2O3 content % min.98.5  
Shade Similar Note:Compared with standard sample


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